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About Aadi

Aadi Pre-School is the best online Preschool in east Delhi, providing your children with high-quality preschool education. It is one of the most effective learning channels for children to learn and improve early schooling skills. Aadi is an interactive online learning platform for pre-schooler children. It is a full-featured teaching platform with more than 100 educational activities, covering all the major areas of early childhood development and education.

 The goal of Aadi online preschool is to provide a safe, secure, and well-structured learning environment for children to develop in a fun and entertaining way where they are free to explore their curiosities and learn at their own pace. Kids will learn phonics, develop fine motor skills and learn about the world around them through engaging story-based lessons.

"We at Aadi Pre-School are sowing the seeds of knowledge, so that we can educate your children for the future"

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“The only Online Pre-School in Delhi.”
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