About AADI's

About AADI's

Aadi – the first step of learning, will have a five-dimensional education. There will not be any kind of examination as part of aadi education, but every day observation by the guide, their remarks throughout the year will decide whether a child move further or remains little longer in the same class. Nobody fails, nobody passes. Examinations will not have any place in aadi. That will change the whole perspective from the future to the present – as what a child is doing this moment will be decisive.

The teaching will not be done in the old-fashioned way, because television, computer and other audio-visual aids can do it in a far better way, can bring the latest information without any problem. The teacher will only be a guide to show the right channel, to show how to use the computer, to find the latest information for the children.

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We provide three classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve months to six years of age.

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We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our AADI Play School to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs