Preschooler Parenting Tips

p>Parents should know that Parenting is a beautiful experience, a journey that includes a lot of joyous moments, mixed with some challenges as well. This pandemic made us experience unpredictability and being sit tight at home while taking care of kids and managing work. However, at the end of the day, we all want the same thing for our children; for them to be happy, for them to get the best out of life and for them to be able to stand independently and confidently on their own two feet, ready to take on the world.

As parents in this digital era that we live in, where we are often blemish for choice and where everything is available at the click of a button, we understand that parenting can be quite tough at times. While we cannot really decide the future of our children, what we can do is to ensure that they are on the right path when it comes to their learning and growth.

Some Positive Parenting Tips

Positive parenting and positive discipline focus on teaching good behaviour using kind and firm parenting techniques. Everyone is more tensed and worried during the pandemic. Kids may not have the words to describe their feelings. They’re more likely to act out their stress, anxiety through their usual behaviour. As a parent, you need to teach your kids discipline in a positive way to open communication and strengthening your bond with your children. Due to pandemic, childrens are getting emotionally weak because they are not able to play outdoor games, they can’t go in parks, they can’t meet to their friends and so on. They are not able to enjoy fullest as they want to.


During the first 8 months of life, a child’s brain will undergo a number of extraordinary changes. A lot of it is in response to the variety of enticement he or she receives; the sounds they hear, the faces they see, the smells they experience. What is important of parenting tips for us is to realize that in these important early years, there are clear ‘windows of opportunity’ – sensitive periods when a particular kind of learning is more likely to happen. One of the best pieces of parenting tips at this stage is to know your child’s window of opportunity and make the most out of it.


Maintaining a strict schedule is one of the most essential parenting tips for toddlers as they are everything when it comes to parenthood. You might be bored with it but your children actually love it! Create a routine around everything that your child does to help them feel safe and sound. Whether it is a warm bath or reading their favourite bedtime story to them, try and implant a routine and get your child to follow it on weekends as well! After including this parenting tip in your regular routine, you will be able to separate some quality time with the little one.


If time is your concern, a great parenting tip for toddlers is to start doing daily chores with your children. Bonding happens best when its natural and a part of a routine. So, in case of a time crisis, go grocery shopping with your child, instead of reading a book!


One of the most helpful positive parenting tips for preschoolers is to manage your own time effectively. Let your co-workers know that you have a child waiting for you at home. Instead of look for them to understand that you need to leave on time, layout your limits yourself, right in the beginning. Be a smart worker and utilise your time wisely so that you can finish your work on time and have time for your family as well.


The beauty of grandparents is that they love doing what they do when it comes to their grandchildren. They see your children as shadow of you and are happy to help raise them. The more the interactivity with the extended family, the better your child’s overall development will be. Also, grandparents have a pond of knowledge and stories to tell, spending more time with grandparents will be a blessing for your child. And the best parenting tip that every parent should follow.


No matter how much you try to be a friend to your child, it is highly advisable for them to make their own friends too. When a child moves in group settings with other children, that’s when the real learning happens. Even if you are stay at home mom or dad, ensure that your child visits professional settings to socialize with others their age as well. putting them in classes can be a good start.


In this growing technology-driven world every parent must consider this parenting tip. revelation to screen time is unavoidable in today’s world and children are no exception to that. The only way to keep a check on-screen time is to help your children understand the concept of time and self-discipline. Try and keep limited hours of screen time for you and your child.


To raise a healthy child, you need to be energetic and healthy first. So, focus on your own physical and emotional health. Invest in yourself, do the things that make you happy and make sure you find some time for yourself, every single day. After all, you need a calm mind to calm a mind .


If your child is always working for the reward, he won't learn the real reasons for doing things—that he should pick up his toys because family members pitch in. Best bet: Reserve rewards for finite attempt, but avoid offering them for everyday things, such as dressing himself or brushing his teeth.

Child Safety First(TODDLER)

Because your child is moving around more, he will come across more dangers as well. Dangerous situations can happen quickly, so keep a close eye on your child.

Here are a few tips to help keep your growing toddler safe:

-> Do NOT leave your toddler near or around water (for example, bathtubs, pools, ponds,) without someone watching her. Drowning is the leading cause of injury and death among this age group.

-> Encourage your toddler to sit when eating and to chew his food thoroughly to prevent choking.

-> Encourage your toddler not to put pencils or crayons in her mouth when coloring or drawing.

->Do NOT hold hot drinks while your child is sitting on your lap. Sudden movements can cause a spill and might result in your child’s being burned.

A Tip

-> Your toddler might change what food he/she likes from day to day. It’s normal behavior, and it’s best not to make an issue of it. Encourage him/ her to try new foods by offering her small bites to taste.

Preschoolers (3-5 years of age)

Positive Parenting Tips

-> Continue to read to your child. Take care of him/her love for books by taking him/her to the library or bookstore.

-> Let your child help with simple tasks.

-> Encourage your child to play with other children. This helps him to learn the value of sharing and friendship.

-> Be clear and accordant when disciplining your child. Explain and show the behavior that you expect from her. Whenever you tell her no, follow up with what he should be doing instead.

-> Help your child develop good language skills by speaking to him in complete sentences and using “grown up” words. Help him to use the correct words and phrases.

-> Help your child through the steps to solve problems when he/she is upset.

-> Give your child a limited number of simple choices (for example, deciding what to wear, when to play, and what to eat for snack).

Child Safety First

-> Tell your child why it is important to stay out of traffic. Tell him/her not to play in the street or run after stray balls.

-> Be cautious when letting your child ride her tricycle. Keep her on the sidewalk and away from the street and always have her wear a helmet.

-> Check outdoor playground equipment. Make sure there are no loose parts or sharp edges.

-> Watch your child at all times, especially when he/she is playing outside.

-> Be safe in the water. Teach your child to swim, but watch him/her at all times when he/she is in or around any body of water .

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