Important things for Parents to do during virtual classes

Important things for Parents to do during virtual classes

Earlier, kids use to go to school. We all know that because of covid-19 our home has become the new school. Before that no –one knows we all have to suffer from this current pandemic. It has changed everyone’s life. but life has to move on. So the kids study should also be start. Schools are doing their bit. Teachers are busy with their work as they have to teach kids so the kids will be ready for next year for next standard. They will not miss anything and it will be less burden on their mind. Kid’s education should not be affected.

Being a parent what are you doing? Because when a child is attending an online class. Is it not a parent’s duty to check the child’s behavior in the online classroom. When teacher is busy to teach one concept, kids will be laying easily on bed and just watch mobile phones or computer. Parents should be aware about their child. Parents should teach to their children’s that that’s not a way to sit in a classroom. Because in this kind of posture and environment they cannot learn anything.

Schools did everything to fit in with student’s needs.so parents should also be responsible, creative, attentive and serious towards their children’s study. Here are few tips for parents that can help give their children some appearance of normalcy.

Make a Time-Table

Doing things by following a routine as a practice can make discipline as a habit. A schedule helps kids be disciplined and this in the long run builds their confidence and good personality. Parents can help children practice this by confirming that they have fixed schedules, even though they are home, they have to learn properly.

Give all the necessary tools

While going to school, parents normally check if their children have their stationery in place. This needs to continue through the online classes too. Last-minute runs to get stationery will make them lose their focus and they might lag in following instructions. It is, therefore, important to ensure the children are always well equipped. They need table (on which they can be able to put books) ,pencils, sharpeners, eraser, scale etc.

Good internet Connection

The internet is a vivid world with no limitations, and so it is highly important to take precautions and ensure safety from cyberbullying. By ensuring the privacy restrictions on the system that the child is using for classes, parents can keep harmful content at bay. Good internet connection is important because in virtual class to listen all the things clearly students should have a good internet connection so that they will not be interrupted in between the class.

Solve your child’s problem

Children can be hesitate to ask questions and with the online classes, it has become even more uncomfortable for them to interrupt and clarify their doubts. In such a case, as parents it is important for you to ask them if they need any help and provide that help. Children can often feel lost and helpless, in this situation parents should help them for their better understanding and learning of topics.

Homework and Classwork classification

In online classes, children are confused to differentiate between the classwork and homework because everything is being done from home. It is hence important to have a clear system of diary and noting down homework individually, to help them with this differentiation. It is also important that parents provide different notebooks for each, and regularly check their daily calendars. So, the children’s will not be confused between homework & classwork.

Make a learning space

Just like we have a designated space where we work, create a similar space for your kids. Make sure the place is quiet and comfortable for your child to be focused and productive. This way they will strictly be loyal to learning. Make sure the study space is different from where they play.

Stay in touch with other student’s parents

Each parent is going through a different experience handling their children during the covid-19. It might be helpful what tips are working for you and what is not with other parents who are going through the same. but experience always helps us so you can ask to other parents that how they convince their child for not doing anything, or doing anything according to them.

Don’t let children treat this situation like a vacation

Remind your child that education is their first priority. It may seem like a vacation to them and they may not seem motivated enough to study. Keep reminding them that important things like classes, tests and their grades should not be affected just because they are at home or because classes are online. Also in reality these days are not vacation. We all are doing something according to us. Employees doing their office work, housewives making food for us etc.

Focus on Physical Activity is important part

In this situation parents have to do maximum what they can to keep children engaged in fun and creative activities. After all, research shows that increasing physical activity and physical fitness may improve academic performance. As many children weren't as active as usual in the spring. Parents and their children’s should follow simple routines like a daily walk or doing yoga as a family.

This goes hand-in-hand with setting screen time limits. Zoom/google meet and the lack of availability of other, more interactive social opportunities since March increased the already excessive time many children spend with technology. All these tips are beneficial for parents and for their children’s as well.

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