How to handle the Toddler at home in this pandemic situation.

How to handle the Toddler at home in this pandemic situation.

As many schools and workplaces closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves dealing with a new, and often very stressful, family situation. This is also important task to make and maintain your kids on track with their virtual school work—all while enduring the restrictions of social distancing and even being cut off from the support of friends and loved ones. If you or your partner have been lost your source of income (like many have lost), the financial pressure can add even more stress in your life.

As a parent at this time, it’s easy to feel that you have so many roles to fulfill that you can’t possibly perform any of them well. But it’s important to remind yourself that this is a different situation, a global health emergency that none of us have had to face before. By going easy on yourself and following these tips for maintaining a sense of balance, you can keep your stress levels in balance and make each day a little easier for your family-and for yourself.

Stay in connection with your child’s teacher

Because, school is still closed. be honest about what is working with home teaching and what isn’t. Your child’s teacher has a good understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses, so they may be able to help you come up with a more personalized learning plan.

Make a learning Time- Table

A routine gives kids a sense of doing anything regularly and properly. Just create a general outline that you think you can maintain on most days that still leaves room for flexibility and down-time. If possible, try to designate a workspace for each member of the family. So that they can do their work properly

Set goals and after their completion celebrate

Since so much has been dispossess from our everyday lives, having something to look forward to can help kids stay motivated. Setting up small rewards, like watching an episode of a favorite TV show, a pasta party, a chocolate can help them tackle that unlike subject homework. If you all set a few goals and plan breaks together, your kids will see that you’re a team. You can make a special meal for whole family and at dining table by childhood discussions or by storytelling you can make your day better.

Be creative

Doing a science experiment, for example, or cooking with measurements, can be a good way of bringing lessons to life. And consider your child’s strengths. If they love to draw and write, now is a good time to set them free with pencils and paper. If they love sing or dance you can do some steps with them to appreciate them and for motivating them.

Manage your child’s fear and strengths

After watching the news or listening an adult conversation related to covid-19, young children might get scared. COVID-19 has changed their schooling, friendships, and normal life, so it should be a top priority to find your child’s fears and make them more smart, bold and intelligent.

Talk according to their age

If your child is toddler try to answer all questions they might have. It’s okay not to know everything; but still help them in every query and in every doubt.

Give Answer of their questions simple & True

If your child has questions about the covid-19, because honesty is always the best policy. While you don’t want to frighten young children, there’s nothing wrong with talking about the need for taking safety precautions such as social distancing and washing their hands. Elaborate them that all these things are very important for our lives.

understanding is important

As covid-19 make us helpless so we can’t go anywhere. The only thing we can do is to spend a good time with our families at home. Children’s are also getting frustrated because they are not able to meet their friends, cousins, grandparents (in short family) and also to their loved one’. Explain to them that you understand their disappointment, and you are missing out on friendships and special occasions as well.

Arrange virtual playdates for them

Offer an alternative to in-person playdates via the Internet. Set your children up on video conferencing services, like Skype or Zoom, so they can keep in contact with close friends and grandparents. By talking with their loved-ones they will feel better.

You have to give your child, more love and affection.

This is a stressful time for all of us and we could all benefit from extra affection.Your child will appreciate extra hugs kisses and loving words. Pamper your child by words and by activities so they will feel better.

Make special time

If everyone is at home with each other all the time, having one on one time with each child is a great way to make a closer bond. Play with your child some indoor games. Playing some games with your child will make them happy and fresh minded. So that they can easily focus on their studies also.

These are some tips for parents to handle a toddler in this pandemic situation.

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